Rack O'Lantern - NSFW Pumpkin Stencils for Adults

October 21st, 2021 – “Rack O’Lantern” - aka raunchy, NSFW pumpkin stencils - providing adults with an XXX twist on the famous Halloween tradition of pumpkin carving. These shockingly inappropriate pumpkin designs reveal that Halloween isn't for the kids. Sure, pumpkin carvings featuring pop culture favorites like Pokemon are cool, but they’re not nearly as entertaining as CamSoda’s XXX designs featuring "the rumpkin", "the splooge'' or "the jugg-o-naut.”

“Everyone has their own unique Halloween traditions that make the holiday so fun to celebrate, but pumpkin carving is a perennial favorite,” said Daryn Parker, VP of CamSoda. “Whatever design you choose, CamSoda’s Rack O’Lantern pumpkin stencils will definitely make you spill your seeds this Halloween with some rewarding carving that would surely make anyone light up from the inside. They are guaranteed to be a hit at your upcoming Halloween party!”

“Are you a last-minute kind of guy or gal when it comes to picking out your Halloween decorations? These CamSoda stencils are perfect for any pumpkins or gourds--especially if they have a familiar, ahem, phallic shape,” continued Parker.

For example, people can use “the rumpkin” stencil and turn that inappropriately ass-shaped pumpkin into something funny by carving two hands--one on each “cheek”--of the pumpkin and voila! Even the primest and proper will find something to laugh at.

So this year, create some truly booty-ful pumpkins with CamSoda’s XXX “Rack O’Lantern” XXX pumpkin stencils that allow anyone (of any skill level!) carve a splooge-tacular work of Halloween art.

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